Here’s some of the best pictures you need to see from the VGX 2013 live stream.

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Tyler the Creator offers some choice words and smart insights into YouTube’s music awards.

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You crazy for this one, Tyler.

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Ed Sullivan breaking The Beatles was a game changer, but that era is long gone as bands skyrocket to popularity with the help of a well placed video or sound byte. Still, folks know the importance of a knockout performance on a late night stage with the likes of David Letterman or Jimmy Fallon. Here are some game changers from recent history.

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Interactive dance clips; dangerous escalators; one-shot wonders; murderous muppets; product whores – our favorite 11 music videos from this year cover a lot of ground.

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Odd Future’s most outspoken member Tyler, The Creator’s mixtape of his favorites for Summer 2011. Thankfully he has great taste in music and the mix is fun: downtempo hip-hop, a nice sampling of R+B, and a couple of indie tracks. SWAG.

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