Tyra Banks has predicted the future of the fashion world, and believes we will all have personal robot assistants.

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Carmen Electra, Miley Cyrus, Dwayne Johnson, & James Franco are some of the stars who put up photos and posts to celebrate Halloween today. Check out the rest.

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Tyra Banks’ Instagram is just as “fierce” as she is!

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It’s Tyra’s trademark crazy, in bite sized 6 second clips.

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You may need psychiatric help when you’re in the same room as Tyra Banks and people think YOU’RE the crazy one.

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The stakes are high, as three virtual game ladies try to impress Tyra Banks and take the crown of gaming’s top princess. I’m predicting this ends with a cat fight.

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It’s a given that Tyra Banks is completely crazy. We all know it. But sometimes she tops herself, as in this clip from her show where she pretends to have rabies.

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