Don’t worry, U2 haters. You can finally delete that album you never wanted.

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U2 performed new material for their new album at the Apple iPhone 6 and watch keynote event in California. The band have been associated with iTunes for 10 years.

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There are rumors that Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 6 with a concert by U2. If that’s true, it wouldn’t be the first time U2 joined forces with Apple.

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There are multiple rumors flying around that U2 will have something to do with the iPhone 6 launch.

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Check out these awesome pics of celebs singing and lounging in their private jets.

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Today show anchor surprised the world on live TV with the news that she is pregnant and married. Get to know the man on her arm — Mike Feldman.

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The Glee crew competes in nationals on the “City of Angels” episode. They head to L.A. and dedicate their performance to Finn.

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U2 took the stage at the Academy Awards tonight to perform their Oscar-nominated song “Ordinary Love.”

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British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has made a name for himself here in America. You can catch the “Sherlock” actor on the Oscars tonight as one of the presenters. Just listen for his English accent.

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Jimmy Fallon is taking the Tonight Show by storm as it premieres this coming week. Check out the insane line-up of guests he has on board.

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