Joseph Ziyaee made $90,000 off Uber in 6 months by barely driving at all. Here’s how he did it and how referral codes can do the same for you.

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What is Uber Love? What are the red cars on your Uber screen? Is Uber giving away flowers this year? What are Uber’s Valentine’s specials?

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Two Houston women who apparently found a lost smartphone in an Uber ride recorded a video for the phone’s owner. The viral video became a song thanks to Redditor kerodean.

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Here are coupon codes for getting free rides on New Year’s Eve. Includes Uber, Lyft, and information on free rides in Texas, Oregon, Colorado, and more.

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Care to buy a Samsung phone that’s also a meat cleaver? Or want to learn more about the discovery of The Force? The best and brightest of April Fools’ are right here.

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Here are five things you didn’t know you could do with Uber.

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Here’s a guide on how to use Uber app to get a ride.

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We’ve decided to compare Uber and Lyft to see which will provide you the easiest way to get picked up within minutes.

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These 10 apps will help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day.

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Are you looking for new apps to download for your iPhone? Here’s a list of our favorite iPhone apps of January 2014.

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In honor of National Cat day, the Uber app is offering a kitten delivery service from 11am to 4pm. Here is how you can have a kitten delivered to your office.

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The app is one more step closer to taking down taxis.

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