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New albums from all sorts of heavy hitters this week – Ozzy Osbourne, the Roots, Eminem, and more. Check our quick hits.

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Uffie “Pop the Glock”

Uffie knows she’s gifted, so she ain’t gotta sell sex, but that doesn’t mean this internationally known sexy young blond girl can’t prance around scantily clad in her videos anyway. At least we hope it doesn’t, because she does a lot of that.

Sassy Autotune Hell: The Grim Legacy Of Uffie, The Rise Of Ke$ha

Whatever happened to the smart, sassy girl rap? Time was you couldn’t walk down the street without tripping over a hard as nails lady with a massive puffy jacket rhyming about how awesome her vagina was. Well, Salt and Peppa split up, Neneh Cherry just does cookery shows now…

Pop The Glock by Uffie

Finally! The video for Uffie’s “Pop The Glock” is here! Who would have thought a French chick could spit rhymes this tight?