Khalid Masood, reportedly born as Adrian Elms, has been identified as the suspect in the attack on the Westminster Bridge and Parliament in London.

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Keith Palmer is the Metropolitan Police officer killed in the London terror attack on March 22. Here’s a look at his life and the attack.

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Abu Izzadeen (Trevor Brooks) was falsely identified as the suspect in the terror attack on the Westminster Bridge and UK Parliament in London. He is in jail.

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Photos of the man believed to be the suspect in a terror attack near the UK Parliament in London surfaced online. He’s shown being stretchered away.

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A video shot by a witness shows several victims on the ground on the Westminster Bridge in London near UK Parliament after an apparent terror attack.

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A terror attack in London on the Westminster Bridge and near the UK Parliament has left four people, including the attacker and a police officer, dead.

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Police in London responded to reports of at least two people being shot and a suspect stabbing a police officer with a knife. See photos and videos.

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The UK Parliament debates two e-petitions February 20. They argue for and against Donald Trump speaking in front of the body during his state visit.

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A British surveillance team allegedly viewed millions of Yahoo users over their webcams. Were you affected?

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Going for social commentary marketing, British Milk Company Wing Co. debuts a human hair fur coat. Take a look at it here.

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The UK Ministry of Defense has just declassified the 10th and final batch of UFO documents. Here’s what you need to know.

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Rihanna hits a fan in the face with her microphone when they cling onto her as she walks by.

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