Curious about Republican Presidential hopeful Ben Carson? You can learn about Carson’s life through a biographical movie made about this famous doctor.

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Kelley Ashby Paul is Rand Paul’s ‘secret weapon’ wife. Paul is the senator from Kentucky who may be going after the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

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Heidi Nelson Cruz is the wife of Sen. Ted Cruz, the first Republican to enter the 2016 presidential race.

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Hillary Clinton is facing a scandal after a report revealed she only used her personal email for government-related business while she was Secretary of State.

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The nearly 500-page Senate torture report released Tuesday reveals shocking details of the torture performed during interrogations of subjects under CIA custody.

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Donny Ray Williams Jr. is the former Senate Democratic staffer who just pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two women in 2010.

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The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have warned military to ‘scrub’ their social media after reports of ISIS using Facebook to target soldiers.

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Elizabeth Lauten is the former GOP staffer who has resigned after posting a harch criticism of the Obama daughters on Facebook.

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President Obama is expected to make a speech Thursday night laying out his plan for executive action on immigration.

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Jonathan Gruber is at the center of the controversy that surrounds the comments he made about Obamacare in a video made public last week.

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The Keystone XL pipeline has just been approved by the House, and will now move to the Senate. Here are the facts, maps, pros, and cons you need to know.

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Loretta Lynch is Obama’s reported next pick for U.S. Attorney General, replacing Eric Holder.

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Tonette Walker is married to Scott Walker, who recently won re-election to the position of Wisconsin governor.

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Tonette Walker is about to begin her second term as first lady of Wisconsin, but there’s speculation her husband Scott will make a run at the White House.

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In an across-the-board thrashing of the Democrats, the Republicans took control of the Senate Tuesday night and padded their majority in the House.

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The Georgia Senate elections are likely to end in a runoff that could help determine control of the Senate. Here’s what you need to know.

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