See the White House’s official livestream of President Obama’s ISIS strategy speech right here on September 10.

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There are many options for watching President Obama’s ISIS speech on September 10.

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Megan Smith of Google has been named as the next Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

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Howard Baker, Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff and a Republican senator from Tennessee, died June 26 at his home. He was 88.

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Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy will replace Eric Cantor as House Majority Leader after a vote Thursday by House Republicans.

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Here are some highlights from Vanity Fair’s article on Monica Lewinsky, including juicy info about Former President Bill Clinton.

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Janet follows Ben Bernanke to be the chair of the Head of Governors of the Fed.

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Ten counties in northern Colorado are in serious talks about breaking off from the rest of the state to become the 51st U.S. state.

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