Veteran-owned-and-operated coffee-subscription service Victory Coffees entered the Shark Tank in Season 8. We interviewed the Navy SEAL who founded it.

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November 11 is Veterans Day in the United States. It’s a federal holiday where we honor those who have dedicated their lives to American freedom. Celebrate the day with Bible scripture and verses.

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Do you or your loved ones suffer from PTSD? Now, you can find some comfort and security with the use of a wearable device.

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The head of Veterans Affairs, Secretary Robert McDonald, facing a lot of criticism for comments he made about wait times at Veterans Affairs hospitals and comparing them to waiting for rides at Disneyland.

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It’s Veterans Day in the United States, a day where we take time to reflect and honor our servicemen and women for what they’ve done for our country.

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It’s Veterans Day in the United States, a day we take to honor those who sacrifice for our freedoms. Celebrate the day with Bible scripture and verses.

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It’s Memorial Day weekend and it’s the time to reflect on what our fallen soldiers have offered us: freedom. Here are inspirational poems and prayers to reflect on.

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Jessie J & Jennifer Hudson crushed David Guetta’s Titanium at the Concert for Valor, an HBO special live from Washington D.C., on November 11th, Veterans Day.

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It’s Veterans Day, the day we take to thank our servicemen and women in all branches of American military for defending our freedom.

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Today is Veterans Day, the day we set aside to honor our servicemen and women who have answered the call of duty to serve their country. Here are some inspiring photos of the celebrations going on all over the United States.

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Veterans Day is the official United States holiday to honor those who have served in the U.S. military, whether in war or peace time, on November 11.

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Memorial Day, which falls on Monday, May 26, this year, pays tribute to fallen members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

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Robin Temple was sexually assaulted, strait-jacketed, experienced multiple botched surgeries, and now, impoverished and desperate, she asks YouTube for help.

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The greatest historic photos of veterans’ heroics and homecomings across the centuries, from the Civil War to the present.

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Rob Bliss Creative and Dove teamed up to give homeless U.S. Army veteran Jim Wolf a makeover.

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It’s time for Veterans Day 2013 with tons of shopping deals, coupon codes, online sales, and store discounts. Check out where to shop, promo codes, & more.

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