A video of Zola, a gorilla at the Dallas Zoo, has gone viral. In the video, Zola is dancing inside of a pool to “Maniac.” Watch the video here.

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A Myrtle Beach tourist posted graphic video on Facebook showing a mass shooting as it unfolded Sunday morning.

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A video of a man getting into a fight with the employees of a Burger King has gone viral. Click here to watch and learn about the fight.

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A teenager named John Crow received an incredible 16th birthday surprise from his father, who died of a heart attack in April. Watch a video of the clip here.

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Eli Thompson, a 2-year-old Alabama boy born without a nose who was a called a “Miracle Baby,” has died. Here’s a look at his inspiring story.

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A high school student went into a profanity-laced tirade against his Asian teacher, threatening him. Watch the full video of the incident.

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A video shows a white woman at an Arkansas Wal-Mart telling a Latina woman to leave the country before calling another shopper the n-word. Watch the full video.

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Fourteen students at Barberton High School in Ohio volunteered to get pepper sprayed as part of their class. A video of them screaming has since gone viral.

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“The Nugget Kid” Carter Wilkerson is officially the author of the most retweeted tweet of all time.

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Leon Balfour Jr. has been identified as the man in a viral video who picked up an elderly woman and slammed her to the ground before throwing her into a pool.

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Nancy James is the woman who was slammed onto the ground and thrown into a pool at a pool party in Broward County, Florida.

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A video making waves on the internet shows a teenager bodyslamming and throwing an elderly woman into a pool after she asked to turn the music down.

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Racist texts an Arkansas teen got from her father for going to prom with a black man have gone viral. The father threatened to disown his daughter, Anna Hayes.

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Mike Martin, known as YouTuber DaddyOFive, and his wife lost custody of his two children after he had success with disturbing videos some called child abuse.

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A violent fight between two passengers, including an American who was reportedly drunk, on a plane leaving Japan was caught on video.

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Saryna Parker, a former 8th grade teacher, tried to kiss a police officer and told him she loved him during a DUI arrest. Watch the police dashcam video.

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