Carol is missing! Will the people of Alexandria encounter something even worse as they send out search parties for their lost community member?

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The people of Alexandria make another supply run, but danger is right around the corner for them all once again.

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Carol and Maggie have been taken hostage. Did they survive their ordeal or do both their lives still hang in peril?

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So how will Rick and his people take on the task of eliminating The Saviors for the Hilltop Colony?

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Paul “Jesus” Monroe is a major new character that gave Rick and Darryl a run for their money. What happened between them and the rest of Alexandria on this newest episode?

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A new character with evil intentions gets introduced to AMC’s The Walking Dead, plus Rick and his group go through hell and back (again).

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We’re sure you’re looking to watch those awesome debut trailers from The Game Awards 2015. Here’s a collection of all the world premiere gameplay shown during the event.

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So what can we all expect to see at this year’s Game Awards? Don’t miss a minute of this event because we have the live stream right here!

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So did the denizens of Alexandria survive the onslaught of zombies that invaded their home base?

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How will Daryl, Sasha and Abraham possibly find a way back to Alexandria all in one piece?

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More trouble is brewing inside and outside the battered community of Alexandria…

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Rick and his group may not be too confident in themselves when they find out what happened in Alexandria. Here’s what took place on the 3rd episode of The Walking Dead.

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The Alexandrians have a whole new mess they have to get themselves out of for this episode. Do we finally find out who blew that damn horn?

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Check out this tips and cheats guide from the developers of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, the official mobile game of AMC’s hit show.

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It looks like Rick and Morgan are going to have a conflict of interest this season. Check out our recap of what happened on Season 6’s 1st episode of The Walking Dead.

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Get to know the brand new faces you’ll see on AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead.

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