New Iron Man 2 Posters

Finally. We get some awesome new posters for Iron Man 2. One even exclusively features Scarlett Johannson, so that’s our favorite.

Trainwreck 100: War Machine

The world of mixed martial arts has produced surprisingly few total disasters, or at least ones that have risen to the level that the Trainwreck 100 demands. But for every sundae, there’s a cherry, and that’s today’s entry.

War Machine: Armed And Dangerous

War Machine, aka Jonathan Koppenhaver, is perhaps the most fascinating figure in all of mixed martial arts. First he was fired from the UFC for refusing a fight and then insulting the late Evan Tanner, a dearly loved member of the MMA community.

Upset of the Week: Cerrone And Varner Will Have To Wait

There’s danger lurking when you look too far forward. You know the old athlete’s cliche ‘We take it one game at a time”? Yes, it’s trite. And you can put good money on the fact that the same athlete also gives 110% and thinks winning is a team effort.