The abbey in northern France known as Mont Saint-Michel is currently surrounded by water thanks to a once-every-18 years “supertide.” 

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Portland, Oregon, has been extremely windy recently. A man caught a dramatic moment on camera when the wind blew scaffolding off a downtown building.

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Part of the Japanese coast is under a tsunami advisory after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the the coast, prompting the evacuation of 10,000 people.

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Find New Jersey snowfall totals by town as the Gardner State digs out from Winter Storm Juno.

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Find snowfall totals throughout Long Island as the region gets pelted with a nor’easter producing blizzard-like conditions.

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Find snowfall totals from throughout Massachusetts as the state faces its first major snowstorm of the winter, complete with blizzard-like conditions.

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Find the latest snowfall totals from throughout Connecticut as Winter Storm Juno brings blizzard-like conditions to the Nutmeg State.

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The buzz word for the blizzard 2015, Winter Storm Juno, is “bombogenesis.” But what is bombogenesis and how will it affect the Northeast?

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Find the blizzard of January 2015 (Juno) snowfall totals in hundreds of towns across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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Winter storm Juno is here, and they’re calling it the Blizzard of 2015. Read on for how to prepare for the weather, plus things to do on a snow day.

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A semi-truck on the New Jersey Turnpike stretch of I-95 was caught on camera narrowly missing a car stopped on the highway due to weather related traffic.

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Winter will hit several regions hard this week, with widespread precipitation over the weekend and plunging temperatures as the week begins.

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Hawaii is under a winter storm alert on Christmas Eve. The National Weather Service put the Big Island mountains under a blizzard warning.

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If this video doesn’t leave you amazed, check to make sure you are alive.

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“The Lake Effect” is a weather winter storm blizzard phenomenon caused by cold wind over warmer lake water. West New York’s Lake Erie provided just that.

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You have a snow day! Celebrate your cold, winter holiday of school and work closings with these funny memes that poke fun at all things “snowy.”

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