Frill Clothing, a company that specializes in dressing sororities and bridal parties, entered the Shark Tank on March 6.

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Ahmed Shehata pranked his bride, Shaimaa Deif, at their wedding reception by having his friends dress up as Islamic State militants and capturing his new wife.

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Santana and Brittany get married on Glee on February 20. Here are pictures from the wedding episode.

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Michael Turchin is the husband of Lance Bass, who is starring in their E! special “Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding.” Read on for details.

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Tonight airs the first televised gay wedding of Lance Bass and Michael Turchin in Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding. Check out all the best pics.

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher appear to have married in a secret wedding as Kunis dodges marriage questions on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

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Ludacris is officially married. He and new wife Eudoxie spontaneously got married, though it was all a part of Ludacris’ engagement plan. Check out the pics.

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Cameron Diaz has a husband! Benji Madden and Diaz have gotten married. Read on for details.

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Jason Kennedy married wife Lauren Scruggs in a beautiful wedding. Scruggs is a model who survived a plane accident where she lost her eye and arm.

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Kevin took Molly into a photo booth for some fun. Unbeknownst to Molly, Kevin planned to propose to her on camera. She walked out his fiancee.

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Afton Elaine Burton, 26, aka “Star,” was issued a marriage license to marry 80-year-old Charles Manson, the famous cult leader and mass murderer.

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Emilie Livingston is the wife of Jeff Goldblum. The two were just married at the Chateau Marmont hotel. Read on for the facts on the couple.

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Shannon De Lima is the new wife of Marc Anthony, who wed the Venezuelan model in the Dominican Republic. Read on for the facts.

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Honeyfund, a honeymoon registry, enters the Shark Tank on October 24. Heavy interviewed Sara Margulis, CEO and founder, to learn more about the company.

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She’ll say, “I do.” These rings are simply stunning.

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Jeremy Roloff and now wife Audrey Botti had a beautiful wedding on the family farm for “Little People Big World. Check out the Instagram photos from the day.

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