Kennedy Douglas, a morgue attendant in Cincinnati, admitted in court to having sex with over 100 female corpses. Douglas would smoke crack before committing the acts.

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Naomi Campbell & Justin Bieber Visit "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

In a deleted tweet, the Biebs addressed rumors that he was currently dating his father, Jeremy Bieber. What incestual story he’s referring to is a mystery.

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62-year-old Marilyn Jean Hartman managed to sneak onto a flight headed to Los Angeles on Monday by hiding behind a family.

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vernon merriweather, vernon merriweather starbucks

Vernon Charles Allen Merriweather is suing Oprah and Starbucks for $15 million after allegedly ordering an Oprah Chai tea laced with heroin.

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Ashiq Gavai of India went to the hospital with a swelled up face and pain. Doctors discovered a tumor was growing extra teeth in his jaw. Hundreds of them.

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siberia russian hole

A giant hole has appeared in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula, causing scientists to scramble to the remote land whose name translates to “the end of the world.”

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Friday the 13th is considered a very unlucky day in the Western world, but is it a dumb superstition? Here are the worst things that occurred on Friday the 13th.

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metrosexual, spornosexual, male grooming, sex, fashion, beauty, male products, male beauty products

Spornosexuals are next-generation metrosexuals. Here’s what you need to know about the new term.

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kyle jones, old lady, grandma, dating, relationship

Kyle Jones is the 31-year-old Augusta, Georgia grandmother dater making news. The cougar hunter prefers older women—much older women. Here’s his info.

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From deadly toilet paper to a giant cow head, these Japanese urban legends make “Bloody Mary” seem tame.

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Even more insane? An amateur photographer was onhand to capture it all.

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This is what the Internet is for.

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