A white Tennessee teenager set up a Go Fund Me page after her dad took away her car and threatened to not pay for college.

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A news anchor from California has decided to swap reporting for the strip club.

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A news anchor from Atlanta quit the media business and now works at a strip club in Las Vegas.

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With at least 36 people dead following an illegal rave on his premises, manager Derick Ion mourned, not for those who were lost, but for his business.

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Von Miller got a restraining order against a Los Angeles model after she threatened to release a sex tape of the pair romping in Mexico.

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Beer drinkers across America are calling for a boycott of Yuengling after owner Richard ‘Dick’ Yuengling endorsed Donald Trump for president.

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Eccentric Australian entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten has unveiled his latest “squeeze” to the world.

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Donald Trump once said that he wouldn’t date one of the most beautiful women in the world because she was too short for him.

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The world’s most valuable soccer player is allegedly in trouble with his neighbors over the “noisy sex” he’s been having with “Africa’s Lady Gaga” aka Dencia.

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Science is ever-changing. Some of the coolest things happening now include sponge batteries, mars missions, private space stations, solar roads, glowing paths, and bleeding veggies burgers, oh my!

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The potential leader of a far-right political party in England was punched into a coma by another party member, according to witnesses.

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These are the photos that resulted in a 12-year-old hunter receiving death threats online.

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A pre-teen hunter from Utah received death threats on Facebook after she posted a photo showing her with a dead giraffe.

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Authorities in Florida are looking into the possibility that a 19-year-old murder suspect took Flakka before trying to eat the face off of a man.

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Police in Florida say that a college student killed two people before trying to eat their faces.

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Tuesday marks the new moon, but what fortune will the lunar phase bring this month? Read about the 2016 new moon in leo right here.

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