A judicial clerk showed up to work to find that someone had defecated inside the courtroom.

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Hot or not?

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Alysa Bathrick’s mugshot has gone viral after she posted it to her Twitter account following her arrest for selling Xanax.

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Here are the photos to remember the college student and brilliant gymnast Brooke Baures who was killed in a dumbwaiter accident in Wisconsin.

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A new dash cam video of the strange explosion taped in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region provides a different angle and suggests an earthly origin for the blast.

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Two of the creators of Bumfights are suspected of trying to send human body parts to Las Vegas from Thailand.

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Eighteen-year-old Logan Valle was arrested after allegedly breaking into two houses in Maine while naked. His parents’ home was set on fire.

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Two window washers were dramatically rescued after dangling from the outside of the 69th floor of One World Trade Center for over an hour.

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Oh God, there’s just so much wrong with this video.

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Sean Petrozzino committed suicide in Memphis. The quadruple amputee was a person of interest in the murder of his parents Nancy and Michael in Orlando.

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Sue Ann Hamm is now a very rich lady after a judge ordered her husband to pay her nearly $1 billion (BILLION) in their divorce.

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Brian McClellen, a daredevil actor who was about to shoot a TV show with Hilary Duff, has died after being electrocuted by a 12,000-volt power line while surfing a train.

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Harold Henthorn is the man accused of pushing his wife, Toni, off a cliff in the Rocky Mountains for life insurance money.

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Peter Steer is the cameraman in Australia who recorded the confession of a man who allegedly attacked a woman. The man then decided to carjack Steer.

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Sean Petrozzino is the quadruple amputee who is wanted in connection with the murder of his two parents in Florida. He has prosthetic legs and no arms.

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Jillian McCabe is accused of throwing her autistic son, London, 6, off of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Oregon. The boy was found dead in the water a few hours later.

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