It turns out that OkCupid’s most popular woman doesn’t even use the site any more, to find out where she is these days you’ll have to click here.

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This is the most messaged woman on OKCupid. She received so many bizarre messages, she’s turned them into a Tumblr account and a best selling book.

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A man who calls himself the real life Harvey Specter from Suits has been accused of practicing law without a license and stealing from clients.

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Dina Berrious is the Lackawanna Trail cheerleading coach who is alleged to have duct taped the mouths of her girls in Pennsylvania.

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A cheerleading adviser in Pennsylvania is coming under fire after she allegedly duct taped the mouths of her kids during a practice.

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Jacqueline Eide, 33, was arrested after police said she broke into a zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, Halloween night and was bitten by a tiger when she tried to pet it.

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Mack says he signed up to do a straight-porno but after drinking a vodka and taking a pill, the movie turned gay.

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A group of parents in Utah were outraged when it emerged that a local teacher was posting bikini photos to her Instagram page. Here they are:

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A Utah middle school teacher has won the fight to keep her job after parents noticed her bikini modeling photos on Instagram.

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A woman is accused of plotting and killing her husband and his mistress. According to police Lothian, Maryland, Ann Marie Anastasia, is accused of hatching the plot along with her daughter’s boyfriend, Gabriel Ezekiel Struss, 18, of Annapolis.

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A white marketing firm employee has been fired, two weeks after he posted a photo of a black co-worker’s son to Facebook.

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A Taylor Swift fan is furious after he was refused entry to a Taylor Swift show due to his “LED light setup.” The superfan has compared his situation to Ahmed Mohammed, the Texas high schooler who brought a clock he built to his school and was promptly suspended.

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Ronnie Pickering stars in the most English road rage video you will ever see. He tells the world: “I’m Ron Pickering!”

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Did Britain’s prime minister once f**k a pig as part of a college ritual? We’re here to find out.

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A 14-year-old kid in Texas was arrested after a clock he made was mistaken for a bomb sparking more fears about Islamaphobia in America.

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An 18-year-old rapper drew Eminem comparisons on Twitter after his single blew up on YouTube.

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