Eccentric Australian entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten has unveiled his latest “squeeze” to the world.

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Japanese condom maker Okamoto has produced a commercial for their Zero One condom featuring a raunchy Tyrannosaurus Rex sex scene. Watch the weird and funny video here.

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Guy walks into an Atlantic City strip club, signs over wealth to stripper just prior to his death, it’s a classic American love story.

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Meet the Texas teen who authorities say has admitted to killing two of America’s rarest birds.

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A British student in Thailand is in desperate need of negative blood after a moped accident in which she broke her pelvis.

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Dozens of people have been lining up outside of a Thai hospital in an attempt to donate blood after a British student was injured while riding on a moped

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A New York priest says he became crack addict after his sister was decapitated.

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A Texas mother, Tonya Couch, and her Affluenza-stricken son, Ethan, have been found in Mexico and taken into police custody, authorities say.

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One man braved a rainstorm in Chicago on the night of December 13 and became a viral sensation. Jogger Ethan Renoe, who has been dubbed “The Shirtless Wonder,” was running in the rain without a shirt when he was stopped and interviewed on TV in the Windy City.

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A Texas woman has been accused by police of having sex with her nephew “hundreds of times.”

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Cindy Kimberly fast became the most envied woman on the Internet after Justin Bieber posted her photo to Instagram and demanded to know who she was.

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It turns out that OkCupid’s most popular woman doesn’t even use the site any more, to find out where she is these days you’ll have to click here.

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This is the most messaged woman on OKCupid. She received so many bizarre messages, she’s turned them into a Tumblr account and a best selling book.

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A man who calls himself the real life Harvey Specter from Suits has been accused of practicing law without a license and stealing from clients.

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Dina Berrious is the Lackawanna Trail cheerleading coach who is alleged to have duct taped the mouths of her girls in Pennsylvania.

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A cheerleading adviser in Pennsylvania is coming under fire after she allegedly duct taped the mouths of her kids during a practice.

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