A report alleges that a convicted bank robber was Aaron Hernandez’s prison lover.

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A Villanova law student is in the news after she found a unique way to leave college debt free.

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A girl who was arrested on a failure to appear warrant in Arkansas became an Internet sensation due to her cute mugshot photo which earned the nickname “Prison Bae.”

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The former Miss Teen South Carolina was arrested and accused of forging doctor’s notes.

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High school senior Mike Senatore is the latest Internet sensation with his water-bottle-flipping talent.

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An iconic photo showing a Haitian immigrant crying during his graduation from West Point has gone viral. Here’s his incredible story.

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A Texas woman made everybody’s day a little bit brighter when she recorded herself laughing hysterically while wearing a Chewbacca mask.

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Florida State Senator David Simmons’ daughter was involved in a drunken boat crash on the night of April 5.

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The surfer daughter of a Florida Republican politician was severely injured after a drunken boat crash early on the morning of April 5, according to cops.

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Hamburger Helper just dropped the mic on corporate April Fool’s Day pranks.

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Chip Johnson, the mayor of Hernando, Mississippi, said sexting a nude photo to a woman that was then sent to the city’s aldermen was a “personal mistake.”

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A female Nintendo exec was subjected to vile abuse on social media, so the company fired her citing moonlighting as the reason.

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Does Bonita Tindle have a point when she tells Cory Goldstein not to have dreadlocks because he’s white?

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A new video showing the son of one of New York’s most infamous landlords calling an Uber driver a “f**king fa**ot” has gone viral.

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The man who was arrested for having sex in a ferris wheel in Las Vegas in February 2016 was shot dead as he went to pick up his stripper fiancee from work in Houston.

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Did Adam LaRoche really retire because the Chicago White Sox told him not to bring his son to the White House?

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