Florida State Senator David Simmons’ daughter was involved in a drunken boat crash on the night of April 5.

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Karen Anderson, a self-described “animal communicator”, claims to have connected with Cecil the lion in the afterlife and has his final words for humanity.

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A man named Huckleberry Finn has been accused of raping a woman in New Hampshire.

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Deleted by the WWE, proven to be a racist, now Hulk Hogan has been epically trolled on Twitter.

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The Westboro Baptist Church truly have no shame. Over the past 20 years the group’s members have shamed themselves by showing up to picket the funerals of victims of American tragedies. Here are their worst hits.

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After two days of searching, 16-year-old Autumn Veatch has been found after her plane’s disappearance.

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A Miami cop has admitted to being a porn star before she became an officer. Now her previous life is being made public.

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An insane video has emerged of four teens being run over by a crazed driver in East St. Louis.

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A Michigan judge sent three kids to juvenile hall and compared them to members of the Manson Family because they refused to talk to their dad.

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The theme for the 18th annual event in Austria was “Fetish Couture.” Enjoy.

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Financial Times correspondent Sarah O’Connor reported that a “robot has killed a worker in a VW plant in Germany.” Sarah Connor is a “Terminator” character.

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A woman with mental issues is accused, along with her boyfriend, of killing her mother and bragging about it on Facebook.

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A Connecticut man called 911 during a standoff with an angry pet after his cat attacked him and his wife at his Stamford home. Listen to the call here.

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A Minneapolis teacher is under fire for bringing a group of middle and high school aged students to a sex store as part of their sex education.

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In Jaden Smith-land, man wear dress to prom.

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The Charlie Charlie Challenge is the new craze sweeping Twitter. It involves teenagers summoning a Mexican demon named Charlie to ask about One Direction.

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