“Hi Stranger,” a new claymation YouTube video by Kirsten Lepore and voiced by Garrett Davis, is the 2017 equivalent of Salad Fingers. It features a naked claymation man giving a pep talk to the viewer.

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Does Bonita Tindle have a point when she tells Cory Goldstein not to have dreadlocks because he’s white?

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A new video showing the son of one of New York’s most infamous landlords calling an Uber driver a “f**king fa**ot” has gone viral.

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The man who was arrested for having sex in a ferris wheel in Las Vegas in February 2016 was shot dead as he went to pick up his stripper fiancee from work in Houston.

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Did Adam LaRoche really retire because the Chicago White Sox told him not to bring his son to the White House?

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According to Tennessee Republican Mary Littleton, Amanda Anderson’s service at a Hooters restaurant, “sucked.” The lawmaker left the word “Sorry” on a receipt instead of a tip.

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With everybody wondering where Richard Simmons is these days, one person who does know is his live-in housekeeper of 30 years, Teresa Reveles.

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She’s just your regular gun toting, Ted Cruz voting, bullet wound from her 4-year-old son receiving all-American girl.

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee said in a tweet that “Tammy Duckworth has a sad record of not standing up for our veterans. ” Rep. Duckworth lost both of her legs while serving in Iraq in 2004.

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Roselle, Illinois, police posted a video showing an allegedly drunk woman, Maryann Christy, driving with a 15-foot tree embedded in her car’s hood. Watch here.

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Artur Samarin, a 23-year-old Ukrainian national, posed as a high school student, Asher Potts, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, after his visa expired, police say.

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The mayor of New York town was publicly accused of having an affair with a constituent at a town hall meeting. The accuser was the constituent’s husband.

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Let’s meet the geniuses behind the “Damn, Daniel” phenomenon.

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Police in South Carolina have arrested two teenagers in relation to a puppy who was shot 18 times with a BB gun and stabbed with a knife.

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Nobody wears white Vans quite like Daniel Lara.

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The monsters at the Westboro Baptist Church don’t like Catholics and at Antonin Scalia’s funeral they’re going to show it.

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