Mass The Video Game

This initially seems like a joke. But then after a while, it dawns on you that it’s quite possibly very real… Prayer Works Interactive, which claims to be a young upstart from Boston, has a new game that’s set to debut on Easter 2010 that’s basically…

Beatles Rock Band Gets Another Dose Of Sgt. Pepper

One thing that K Thor forgot to mention yesterday in his usual Monday rundown of new releases is the rest of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for The Beatles Rock Band, which should be available this very moment. And man is it ever worth the download…

Full Release: Games

Hey, it’s that rarest of release weeks – a triple A Wii title comes out! I kid, of course, but Nintendo’s waggle box has been bereft of good games for some time now, so the release of a new Super Mario Brothers is cause for celebration.

Time To Fall In Love With The Mario Bros All Over Again

New Super Mario Bros Wii comes out this weekend. Excited? No? Well, you will be after you watch this video… … I fondly remember many people’s somewhat lukewarm response to the game’s unveiling earlier this year, at E3. Bet those folks are eating…

Resident Evil: The Darkside Trailer Will Rock Your Browser

To help remind everyone that the latest Resident Evil for the Wii, The Darkside Chronicles, is coming out soon, Capcom has whipped together yet another trailer. Unfortunately, we’re not able to embed this particular video and must therefore ask everyone t…

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It’s New Video Game Tuesday! An official holiday in Angola and the Belgian Congo, and if you write your local Congressperson you can maybe get American on board as well.

Supposed Wii 2 Specs

Via Maxconsole, which got their info from some French website, who in turn got their info from some marketing dude at Nintendo of France. And the key features of the Wii 2 are…- It’s going to have a Blu-ray drive, for both added disc space and ammo ag…

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You know the problem with the video game industry is that one week you get a whole bunch of really awesome games all at once and the next you get horrible shovelware crap. It’s like if one week Star Wars, Robocop, and Lord of the Rings all opened in theaters the same day.

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After last week’s unendurable crapload of shovelware, it’s nice to be playing some good games again. And this week’s load of new releases has some legit triple-A action going on. Would that be… aaaction? Don’t anybody try to use that, I just copyrigh…

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It’s time for your thumbs to cower in fear, as another batch of new video games is hitting shelves, e-shelves, and cyber-shelves the world over. Last week saw a number of triple-A titles like Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2.

Full Release: Games

It’s new video game day, when the new video game trucks bring fresh-baked DVD-ROMS and BluRay discs to the Mom & Pop game stores of our great nation. Here’s a quick guide to what drops today, so you can spend your money wisely.