George Foreman, who has been a hit on NBC’s new reality show, Better Late Than Never, has twelve children: five sons and seven daughters. Read about his family here.

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Henry Winkler is funnier than ever in the new NBC reality show, Better Late Than Never. Read about his net worth here.

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Check out some of the best pics from the 1st official day of SDCC 2014!.

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Country singer Randy Travis receives prayers & support from Chuck Norris, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Carrie Underwood, William Shatner, & Keith Urban on Twitter.

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Prepare for some Northern hospitality… 140 characters at a time.

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It could have been worse.

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Space rock the vote.

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We recently told you to stay out of the water, ’cause there might be sharks or aliens or piranhas or Dustin Hoffman down there. Now we’re saying it might be a good idea to stay out of the air, too, because a little gremlin or Pac-Man-ish monsters or bad jokes or Bruce Payne might be lurking.

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Today we look (and laugh) at one of the best comedy series of all time, The Larry Sanders Show, now available on Netflix Instant. You look like you’re in need of a hearty guffaw or two — why not tune in right now to Larry and the gang? Hey now!

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