The Wisconsin Badgers take on the Michigan Wolverines in a Big Ten match-up February 16. Want to watch the game online for free? Find out how.

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A preview of the February 16 match-up of the Wisconsin Badgers and the Michigan Wolverines. Who is the favorite? What’s are the betting odds?

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says after a meeting with Mike Pence that Donald Trump’s adminsitration is “interested” in taking Act 10 national. The act gutted the power of public sector unions.

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Megan Casey, a University of Wisconsin-Madison nursing student, is believed to have died in a plane crash over Lake Erie that also killed Ohio CEO John Fleming, his family, and Megan’s father, Brian.

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ESPN and its partners allow fans to stream the 2017 Cotton Bowl between No. 8 Western Michigan and No. 15 Wisconsin online, and there is a way to do it for free.

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Is the Meijer grocery store chain open or closed on Christmas Day? Learn more about holiday hours.

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Is the Pick ‘n Save grocery store line open or closed on Christmas Day?

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The Wisconsin recount final day 12 results are in, and they show that Donald Trump’s lead grew. The numbers are now final. The final update shows no significant changes.

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Wisconsin recount results for day 11 show that totals are almost complete, but Milwaukee is still not in.

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Wisconsin recount results for day 10 show that Trump leads with 95% in, but the City of Milwaukee totals are still not yet fully completed.

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The Wisconsin recount results day 9 update found 1,322 net changes made but not significant change to Donald Trump’s overall victory margin over Hillary Clinton.

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Wisconsin recount results for day 8 show that Trump still leads Wisconsin by about the same amount, but Milwaukee still remains a mystery.

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What is the current status of the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, as well as Nevada and an attempt to force one in Florida? They are all at different stages.

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Wisconsin recount day 7 results show that Donald Trump has retained his lead in the state with 70 percent complete. Officals debunked claims of fraud in St. Croix and Waukesha Counties.

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Wisconsin recount results for day 6 show progress made overall, but the recount hasn’t changed much as the numbers update shows Hillary Clinton gaining a net 2 votes over Trump.

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The Wisconsin recount has just about hit its halfway point on day 6. How close is the state to finishing?

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