Spotlight: Amazing Musical Moments on Late Night TV

Ed Sullivan breaking The Beatles was a game changer, but that era is long gone as bands skyrocket to popularity with the help of a well placed video or sound byte. Still, folks know the importance of a knockout performance on a late night stage with the likes of David Letterman or Jimmy Fallon. Here are some game changers from recent history.

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Coachella 2012 Lineup Is Revealed

Coachella has officially announced the lineup for this year’s festival: Radiohead, The Black Keys, Bon Iver, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, M83, Arctic Monkeys, Girl Talk, The Weeknd, Buzzcocks, Justice, A$AP Rocky, Girls, Cat Power, Neon Indian, Justice, WU LYF and it just keeps going.

WU LYF “We Bros”

WU LYF is going to make a lot of lists at the end of this year. Their debut album, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, boasted this standout track. Now it gets the epic visual treatment with a slightly somber twist at the end.

Spotlight: UK Youth

Let’s talk blokes. Three emerging artists, young and from the UK: WU LYF, King Krule and MONEY.

WU LYF “Dirt”

World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation…eh whatever. There’s still a lot of buzz around these Manchester guys, who are fanning the flames by making themselves mysterious – 2011’s biggest indie music trend. Still, their particular flavor of yelped tribal rock is interesting.

What’s New In Music This Week

This week: indie-tribal rockers WU LYF make a dangerously solid debut, Junior Boys keep doing what they do best, Sebadoh re-releases a 1994 favorite, Marissa Nadler gets honest, and Mathemagic’s airy beach pop doesn’t disappoint.

WU LYF “Split It Concrete Like The Golden Sun God”

UK indie rockers WU LYF (pronounced”Woo Life”, standing for “World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation”) like to keep it mysterious, so there’s very little information about them. We do know that this track is on their new album, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain.