Sonic Generations E3 Game Trailer

Time for another taste of today’s blue hedgehog hanging with yesterday’s. And those bits that should have been fun in latter Sonic games finally will be!

Overstrike Debut Game Trailer

It’s about time the folks behind Resistance spread the wealth. And what better way to introduce themselves to MS fanboys than an elite agent beat ‘em up?

Saints Row The Third Game Trailer

It’s a new city for Third Street Saints, but the game remains the same: claim the streets as its new kings, with as much style and bravado as possible.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Game Trailer

Hone your assassination skills once again. Only this time, Ezio Auditore is wiser and more efficient, which translates to more weapons and killing power. Let the countdown til November begin.

Gears of War 3 GameTrailer

Remember how your jaw dropped when you saw the first time you saw Gears of War 1? Well times that by a hundred. With games like these, who needs a new system?

What’s New In Games This Week

Unfortunately, another slow week. Through two standouts, one a brand new IP from a trusted source and the other is the ultimate edition of a proven hit. Should be more than enough, right?