Dance Central 2 Trailer

The best Kinect game going anywhere, as well as the best dancing game out there period, is getting a follow-up. Filled with more tunes and better 2 player action!

Red Dead Redemption: Idiot Edition

You hop between wanting to play a game with these dudes, and wanting to reach into the screen and strangle them at least fifty times upon a single viewing.

What’s New In Games This Week

This week, three favorites make a return with some modern day flourishes. It’s all about being online, in high definition and in three dimensions.

Call of Duty’s Zombie Lab

The folks at the Call of Duty Zombie Labs have been working tirelessly to bring you the best zombie killing excitement around, and the final installment is here with the Moon stage. Brain eating action never looked so good.

The Portal 2 Rock Opera

It’s absolutely amazing what some folks can do with pre-existing footage that’s cut the right way, and accompanied by the right soundtrack.

Lollipop Chainsaw Game Trailer

Out of all the games about zombie killing cheerleaders, Lollipop Chainsaw definitely has the most chainsaw action. In short, the trailer looks like a candy-coated, bloody good time.

LEGO Rock Band Just Got Hardcore

Apparently it took the creator of this video a year to make. Time well spent or wasted? No more than actually mastering this particular song in the actual game.

What’s New In Games This Week

There’s only two stand outs this time around (which is two more than last week’s), but they’re at least the cream of the crop, easily some of the best this year has to offer, and that’s seriously no exaggeration.