Joseph Regner and his friend were roadtripping across country when they happened upon a military fighter jet training ground in a canyon.

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Bradley Bailey was playing peekaboo with his little girl with a towel.. At first he has a beard, but he shaves and his daughter doesn’t recognize him after.

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Alan Henning is the next possible victim after a new ISIS video purportedly shows British humanitarian David Haines being beheaded by executioner Jihadi John.

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Rapper C-Command qualified for the 2013 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championships at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver, BC. This is his poem Helicopter Dick.

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A three-year-old daughter accused her father of taking her money in varying sums, but maxing out at twenty-eight-nine dollars. The girl admits to Play-Doh.

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Noah Ritter won hearts when he was interviewed about the the Wayne County, Pennsylvania Fair. The clip went viral. Now he’s starring in a Freshpet commercial.

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