On Tuesday morning, anchor Richard Arnold of Good Morning Britain audibly farted during live broadcast. Co-anchors Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid couldn’t stop laughing.

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During a soccer match between Argentina sides Belgrano and Quilmes, a dog wandered onto the pitch and was met by Quilmes’ Sebastián Romero and Jonathan Zacaría.

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Bethany Mota is releasing her first song “Need You Right Now.” Tune in for all the details on her single with the live stream right here. Plus DWTS details.

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Marcel Hamer is the latest African-American teenager in a police violence controversy. After an NYPD officer mistakes Hamer for smoking marijuana, he attacks.

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Protests by Kurdish nationals in German cities like Hamburg ended with violence when Islamic State Muslim jihadist supporters showed up with knives and weapons.

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In a sit-down interview with Oprah on the OWN network, the child star turned Disney Channel leading lady told Oprah she just wants to be perceived as “American.”

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Corey doesn’t understand “The Price is Right.” When the contestant before him bids $755, Corey bids $7,000. Even host Drew Carey can’t believe Corey’s fail.

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Jackson was parkouring in an industrial site when he leaps off a building, trying to land on a corrugated container. But he undershoots the jump and falls.

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Bicyclist Igor Reva was cruising through traffic when a cyclist leapt out in front of him to try and recover a dropped iPhone 6. Reva was wearing a helmet cam.

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