The Short Version of The Legend of Zelda

And by short, I mean short actors. I normally don’t dig such stuff, but it’s cuteness cannot be denied, plus it’s nice to know that some kids still like hitting each other with fake swords.

What’s New In Games This Week

For those who thought they could give their wallets a break after the past couple of heavy hitting new game releases… sorry, not happening yet.

Zelda Gets Played

Unlike most Nintendo themed raps, this one’s fairly hardcore. And Link is no longer a boy, but all man set out on a different type of quest, if you catch my drift.

This Week In Gaming News

You already know what the BIG story this week is, but there’s other stuff happening in the game world you may not be privy to just yet. Xbox developments, Sony let’s out some UMD Passport news and more…

Ganon Goes to a Therapist

8-bit, 32-bit, it really doesn’t matter, sometimes game characters just need to talk to somebody. All that pressure to conquer and rack up high scores can be stressful, ya know.

White Boy Zelda Gangsta Rap

Thumbs up for these kids for being somewhat productive and keeping out of trouble. But even more kudos to their sisters for playing the part of their girlfriends.