Here’s our selection of the top 10 best 3DS games that graced Nintendo’s portable console in 2015.

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First off, some good news. The next Zelda is coming out this year and will most definitely be on the Wii! There had been some concern/speculation that it would be reserved for the next Nintendo console, sometime later down the road. Which hasn’t been form…

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The Legend of Zelda: The Hero Of Time, a live-action fan made movie that’s based upon The Ocarina Of Time is now no more. The flick, which had gathering a decent amount of buzz for the past couple of weeks from assorting gaming blogs and the such, plus wa…

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The Legend of Zelda franchise is a mysterious beast – ostensibly one of Nintendo’s crown jewels, it’s been through a number of perplexing changes in the past few years, and there’s arguably not a single sequel….

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A brand new trailer for the upcoming Zelda DS title, Spirit Tracks, has just been unveiled. And it looks pretty damn awesome… … Instead of being on the sidelines, Princess Zelda is at long in the mix of things, at least in spirit. Literally! It a…

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