Zelda May Just Drive You Insane

Some Japanese guy with way too much time on his hands created this Zelda: Ocarina of Time can-can that very well may induce seizures. At the very least, it will burrow itself into your ear-hole for the next several days. You’ve been warned.

A Random Zelda Tune With Portal 2

We all see and hear different things, and this is for those who are reminded of the indoors music from Ocarina of Time when playing Portal. All three of you.

Gaming’s Next Top Princess

The stakes are high, as three virtual game ladies try to impress Tyra Banks and take the crown of gaming’s top princess. I’m predicting this ends with a cat fight.

Boba Fett Plays Zelda On Accordion

NYC commuters got a slightly weirder than normal surprise as ‘Star Wars’ favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett busted out some Zelda on his accordion. And the freak train rolls on.