Use This App to Order Drinks from Your Mobile Phone

Have you ever found yourself waiting on line at the bar, for what seems like FOREVER, to buy a drink? Well, there’s a new app called Coaster! The app will allow you and your friends to order drinks straight from your mobile phone so you won’t have to worry about waiting in line.

Coaster was launched just only few months ago, so the company is still in the process of adding local bars and getting more people to download the app. Coaster is having a difficult time introducing the app to bars, which is hard to imagine, since the app appears that it will not only benefit customers, but will also increase bar sales.

Coaster just released a new iPad app for bar owners. With this addition to their service, bartenders have the ability to accept orders and payments through their customers’ smartphones, giving bartenders less worry of credit cards that customers leave behind, or keeping track of tabs.

Benefits of Coaster for customers include purchasing drinks directly through the app, reducing the time it takes to wait for drinks. Now, customers no longer have to worry about opening and closing tabs.

Inderpal Singh, Founder of Coaster says, “The big reason bars might want to adopt the Coaster iPad app for their orders is that Coaster charges no payment-processing fees — the system is completely free to implement.”

Since the app is free, Coaster hopes for more bars and customers to try out their app.

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