New Facebook App ‘Bang With Friends’ Makes Hooking Up Easier

Bang With Friends, Facebook Hook-up App

Facebook’s new app Bang With Friends makes it easier to find out which one of your friends want to hook-up with you, no strings attached.

The app lets you anonymously choose who on your Facebook friends list you wouldn’t mind gettin’ dirty with and if the feeling is mutual, it notifies both parties that you have chosen each other. The rest is up to you.

The app seems pretty straight forward. Once a user logs in, a screen appears showing the profile pictures of your Facebook friends of the opposite sex (the app isn’t too gay friendly). Under each picture is a button labeled “Down to Bang.” Once you press the button, it changes to “Awaiting Bang.” Users won’t get notified of the potential bang until both have clicked on each other, eliminating possible embarrassment.

However, there is a bit of controversy over the hook-up app because once a person signs up for the service, it shows them which of their friends are using the app already and could upset those who like to stay discreet.

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