Drink a Beer, Charge Your Phone

Gentlemen, your excuse to your ladies that your phone died after work while you were at the bar has also just died.

Thanks to innovators at Epiphany Labs and their new invention, your next beer just became your next iPhone charge.

But don’t worry about that hangover, because no matter where you wake up, the onE Puck can also convert a hot cup of coffee into a phone charge too.

Amazingly, this technology is nothing new. The onE Puck is based off of the Stirling engine, which has been around since the early 1800s. But thanks to current technological trends and upgrades, they are being souped up for a new generation of eco-conscious consumers.

Epiphany Labs’s Kickstarter for the onE Puck is only about $2,500 away from its $100,000 goal. So go help out, and be on the lookout for the onE Puck on store shelves in the not too distant future.

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