The 10 Coolest Things Made by the 3D Printing Revolution
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The 10 Coolest Things Made by the 3D Printing Revolution

3d print sculptures

3D printing’s time has finally come.  If you’re not familiar, it’s pretty simply to understand: take a light, strong plastic, lay it out in 2-dimensional planes, and then slowly build, layer by layer, something that’s three dimensional.  If you’ve ever tried to make a structure by layering popsicle sticks, then you have the idea.  One day, we may be able to use 3D printers to do any variety of things, perhaps create helmets, sophisticated machinery, and ideally almost anything that doesn’t require specialized parts like microprocessors (you won’t be printing an iPhone anytime soon).  While the technology is slowly advancing to even a point of creating smooth, professional looking models, it is coming along from its inception rather nicely. Here’s 10 cool things made by 3D printing!



The Dinosaur and the Eiffel Tower: A Love Story


Vortexy thing


Skull of Flowers



A Mouse Skeleton




Look Ma, I Made This With a Computer!


Like Legos, but Way More Intricate 


Concept Car Model


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