Apple Store Workers Sue for Wages Lost During Daily Bag Searches [DOC]

apple store lawsuits bag search lost wages

Apple has been hit with another case for its legal slate as two former employees from one of the flagship retail stores are suing the company for unpaid wages, overtime compensation and other penalties according to Reuters.

The case was filed in a San Francisco federal court last week in regards to the company’s screening process. Apple’s policy for stores is that managers must check employees’ bags before they leave. This is done as a preventative measure since Apple products like the iPhone are a valuable commodity on the black market.

The lawyers for plaintiff Amanda Frlekin claimed that their client lost an estimated $1,500 in wages due to these frequent searches. Dean Pelle, a “specialist” employed at the Soho branch, alleges that this policy causes a 5- to 15-minute wait every time someone wanted to leave for lunch or head home.

It’s not clear if this was a guideline for other parts of the company, but Apple has 400 stores all over the world. A court date is not set, but the full legal brief can be read below.

‘iPhone 5C’ (The ‘Cheap iPhone) Cases Appear on Amazon

The cases were "discovered" first in an investigation of Chinese supplier Pegatron.

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