Top 10 Best Email Apps for iPhone

Are you obsessed with trying to make it to “inbox zero?” Are you tired of using the standard Mail app on iOS? Here’s a list of email apps found on the app store that could satisfy your inbox OCD.

1. Mailbox

Group Email is for users who frequently send…wait for it… group emails! This app makes it very simple to create distribution lists from your contacts, create and send email templates, and easily add photos, videos, and other files from cloud storage services such as Dropbox and SkyDrive. You can purchase Group Email from the App Store here.

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9. FindIt

best email apps for iphone findit

Findit is a very simple file and email searching app that integrates with Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Findit uses a very visual and minimal interface to search for items through filters. It can even search through several unique Gmail, Dropbox, and Drive accounts. Hopefully the developer will integrate with more services in future updates. You can download FindIt from the App Store here.

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10. OWA (Outlook Web Access) for iPhone

best email app for iphone owa

If you have an MS Office 365 subscription, you have the benefit of downloading and using Microsoft’s OWA app, which brings all of the live panel goodness of Outlook on Windows Phone 8 to the iPhone. OWA for iPhone has all of the inbox and calendar features that are expected from Outlook. If you are an Outlook power user and an Office 365 subscriber, you can download OWA from the App Store here.

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