Top 10 Best Android Apps You Need to Know About

Here’s a list of the top 10 best new free Android apps on Google Play that you need to know about.

1. Avast! Mobile Backup

top best android apps avast mobile backup

Avast! Mobile Backup is a free mobile security app developed by Avast Software. Avast! Mobile Backup automatically backs up Android data including contacts, SMS, call logs, family photos, and other personal data kept on your Android device. If you’re looking to backup music, video, and apps, you will need to buy the Premium version. You can download Avast! Mobile Backup from the Google Play Store here.

Top 10 Best Android Strategy Games of August 2013

Google Play has a large selection of strategy games Here are the top 10 Android strategy games of August 2013.

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2. Dots

top best android apps dots

Dots, the popular iOS puzzle game developed by Betaworks One, is now on Android. Connect as many dots of the same color as you can in 60 seconds. Players can stop the clock for 5 seconds, shrink a dot off the board, and remove all of one color. You can download Dots from the Google Play Store here.

Top 10 Android Puzzle Games of August 2013

See if your favorite puzzle game made it onto our Top 10 Android Puzzle Games list of August 2013.

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3. Freshbooks Cloud Accounting

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting is a business app developed by FreshBooks. With FreshBooks, you can invoice your clients and organize expenses. Get paid faster by accepting payments from PayPal, track money coming in, and integrate your FreshBooks account with over 70 cloud partners. In order to use FreshBooks for Android, you will need to set up a FreshBooks account. You can download FreshBooks Cloud Accounting from the Google Play Store here.

Top 10 Best Android Action Games for August 2013

Looking for some new games to play on your Android device? Here are the top 10 Android action games for August 2013.

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4. Yahoo! Weather (Update)

top best android apps yahoo weather

Yahoo! Weather is a gorgeous new weather app for Android. Yahoo! Weather app features an all new beautiful design with tons of features. Stunning photos show weather conditions for your current location and time of day. Use swipe gestures or add a homescreen widget to get the latest weather information. You can download Yahoo! Weather from the Google Play Store here.

Top 10 Best Weather Apps for Android

Here's a list of our favorite weather apps from the Google Play Store.

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5. Mashable

top best android apps mashable

Mashable is the Android-based news app from Stay connected to top stories and what’s hot on Browse the latest headlines in Social Media, Technology, Business, Entertainment, US & World, Lifestyle, Watercooler, and Video. Build your own story stream, share your favorite stories on Facebook, and see what articles your friends are sharing. You can download Mashable from the Google Play Store here.

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6. Proven Craigslist Hiring

top best android apps proven craigslist hiring

Proven’s Craigslist Hiring app allows companies to post their jobs to Craigslist. Hire and keep track of candidates from Craiglist. Categorize and place candidates into different categories including: yes, no and maybe. Easily manage job listings, filter through submitted resumes, and contact candidates directly from the app. Make the hiring process easier by downloading Proven’s Employer App today. You can download Proven’s Employer App from the Google Play Store here.

Top 10 Best Android Racing Games of August 2013

See if your favorite Android racing game made it onto our Top 10 Best Android Racing Games of August 2013.

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7. NFL Mobile App (Update)

top best android apps nfl mobile app

NFL Mobile is the official app of the NFL. Manage your Fantasy Football team, receive breaking news, watch highlights, and get live game scores all on your Android phone or tablet. Check team stats, schedules, and get customized alerts. You can download NFL Mobile from the Google Play Store here.

Drippler 2.0 for Android Launches With New Interface and Tablet Support

Drippler, an app that helps you discover breaking Android news and new apps, has launched version 2.0 for Android on Google Play.

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8. Middle Manager of Justice

top best android apps mobile manager of justice

Middle Manager of Justice is a new game developed by Double Fine Productions, originally released on iOS. Play as the new Middle Manager of Justice and make your branch profitable. Hire a team of superheroes and build new facilities, upgrade equipment, and save citizens in your city. You can download Middle Manager of Justice from the Google Play Store here.

Top 10 Android Games of August 2013

See if your favorite game made it onto our Top 10 Best Android Games of August 2013.

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9. Way2Ride

top best android apps way2ride

Way2Ride is a taxi app developed by Mobile Solutions at VeriFone, Inc. All you have to do is scan your credit card, set tip preferences, and you’re on your way to your next location. With the Way2Ride taxi app, it’s never been so easy to hail a cab in New York City. You can download Way2Ride from the Google Play Store here.

Top 10 Best Note-Taking Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

If you're looking to find better ways to take notes on your Android phone or tablet, you should check out our top ten best note taking apps for Android phones and tablets.

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10. Guess the Football Club

top best android apps guess the football club

Guess the Football Club is a new sports game developed by GameLike. Simply guess the logo shown and write the name with the given letters. Invite your Facebook friends and compete against each other. You can download Guess the Football Club from the Google Play Store here.

Top 10 Best Health & Fitness Apps for Android

Here's a list of the top ten best health and fitness apps for Android.

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