Top 10 Best Horror Games for Android

Android horror games


Here’s a list of the top 10 best horror games for Android. Whether you’re looking for a spooky game to enjoy on Halloween, or just love the spine-tingling thrills of a survival horror game year-round, the titles on this list are definitely going to get your heart pumping. Read on to see which scary games made our list of the best horror games for Android phones and tablets.

1. Dead Space

Dead Space is an action game developed by Electronic Arts Inc. Dead Space features hardcore gameplay and terrifying events. Intuitive controls will guide you as you navigate through treacherous terrain in 6 varied environments. Use simple swipe and tap controls to battle Necromorphs. The Plasma Saw and Core Extractor are notable weapons available in the mobile version. .Players can also utilize Kinesis and Stasis Modules. See if you can survive one of the most bone-chilling experiences on mobile.

You can purchase Dead Space from the Google Play Store here.

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2. Zombiewood Zombies in LA!

Top 10 Best Horror Games For Android Zombiewood Zombies in LA

Zombiewood is a free action shooter game developed by Gameloft. Run through Los Angeles and try to survive the zombie apocalypse. Zap, boil, and burn zombies using over 30 wicked weapons. Wage combat in 20 different movies and 10 unique game modes. Compete against your friends in the all-new multiplayer and rank high in the leaderboards to receive rewards. This horror game is best experienced with friends, but it’s also fun for solo gamers as well.

You can download Zombiewood – Zombies in LA from the Google Play Store here.

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3. Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion

Top 10 Best Horror Games For Android Curse Breakers Horror Mansion

Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion is a puzzle game developed by MPI Games. Players will take on the role of a Curse Breaker, and visit locations around the world to defeat evil. Your first assignment will be to visit a Haunted Mansion where your job is to save a family from the curse of a crystal ball. Use magical items to fight the evil spirits. Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion has incredible graphics and stunning sound effects, giving gamers a memorable scare.

You can download Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion from the Google Play Store here.

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4. Dead Trigger

Top 10 Best Horror Games For Android Dead Trigger

Civilization is coming to an end in Dead Trigger by Madfinger Games. While billions of people died from an unknown virus, others turned into beasts. Players join a group of survivors seeking shelter, and must invent new ways to fend off the zombie attacks. Use a combo of hacking, slashing, and cutting to protect your group. Weapons include a laser amputator, blade chopper, and mines. Unlimited random missions can keep players entertained, but AI will make survival tougher. Intuitive controls and high-quality 3D visuals will make this an adrenaline fueled adventure, and a tale that is not to be missed.

You can download Dead Trigger from the Google Play Store here.

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5. Dead City

Top 10 Best Horror Games For Android Dead City

Dead City is an action game developed by Com2uS. A nuclear attack has wiped out humanity and its your turn to survive zombie hell! While driving a vehicle take out as many zombies as you can. Shoot in any direction, or go for the headshot. How you play is entirely up to you in this fast-paced horror game for Android. Complete each mission and you’ll earn more armor and weapons. All weapons and armor can be upgraded up to 20 times.

You can download Dead City from the Google Play Store here.

6. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is an action game developed by PikPok. Players are thrust into a dark world where survival means no second chances. Overcome challenging missions and minigoals. Unlock powerful weapons that will help you stay alive. Ongoing updates deliver a new adventure every time.

You can download Into The Dead from the Google Play Store here.

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7. Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow: The Pact is an action game developed by Phosphor Games Studio. This creepy fairytale opens with players waking up in a strange hospital. An old man appears telling the player to beware of a beautiful witch who has her minions stealing the life from patients. The world is massive and users will be tasked with destroying the witch.

In this Android horror game, players are armed with only a crossbow and equipped with intuitive controls. The RPG has mystical items placed strategically around levels to help you combat this wicked enemy. The mature plot and quality acting make this Android horror game a captivating story, especially when compared to the corny plots of other horror games. This game also earned a spot on our list of best Halloween apps and games for 2014.

You can download Dark Meadow: The Pact from the Google Play Store here.

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8. House of Fear

Top 10 Best Horror Games For Android House of Fear

House of Fear is a puzzle game developed by Dim_ok. Players must venture into a haunted house to save their friend from the horrific residents. House of Fear is packed with every vile creature you can think of from the spooky Slenderman to the twisted tormenters that occupy Silent Hill. Puzzles challenge player at every corner. If you fail, one of these legendary monsters is just waiting to pounce. While House of Fear is a simple game, be prepared to sleep with the light on after playing this Android horror game.

You can download House of Fear from the Google Play Store here.

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9. Slenderman LIVE

Top 10 Best Horror Games For Android Slenderman LIVE

SlenderMan LIVE is a puzzle game developed ScottyAnimation. Run and hide from Slenderman for as long as you can. Collect notes and evade Slender. To look around, tilt your phone or tablet left or right. Slenderman LIVE is in real time and is completely ad-free.

You can download Slenderman LIVE from the Google Play Store here.

10. Dead Runner

Dead Runner is an action game developed by Distinctive Wireless Inc. Forgotten souls are telling you to run as fast as you can, so you can get away before its too late. Choose between distance and point modes as you hurry through a creepy forest. Tilt the device from left to right to avoid trees and other obstacles. Speed levels increase as you work to outrun the evil that is chasing you.

You can download Dead Runner from the Google Play Store here.

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