Microsoft Surface 2 Reddit AMA: Top 10 Best Responses You Need To Read

The Microsoft Surface 2 team is conducting a live Reddit AMA right now. Posing under the username Surfaceteam, the Microsoft execs are chatting with the Reddit community. Here are the top responses you need to read.

1. A Surface 2 LTE SKU Will Be Launched Next Year

michaelgilles88: “Why was LTE not included on neither Surface nor Surface Pro?”

SurfaceTeam: “Great question. We didn’t talk about it today, but Surface 2 will be launching an awesome LTE SKU early next year! Nice catch on your part, no one else has asked this question…… what better way to tell people than through Reddit!! Panos”

2. Microsoft Will Offer a 10% Discount For Students

Alphaorionis: “Ah yeah, a student discount would be so helpful.
A Surface would be basically the most useful thing I could get for school right now but it’s way too expensive for a student budget.”

SurfaceTeam: “Microsoft Stores offers a 10% discount for students. Go to their web site and check it out! 8GB RAM comes with both 256 and 512GB products.”

3. The Surface Team Only Uses These Devices At Home

Bevilanker: “Hey Panos, Personal question here. What brand/model of phone, laptop, tablet etc do you use for personal use at home?”

SurfaceTeam: “I only use Surface at home. I use the docking station and a Pro 2 as my primary PC. I use Surface RT and Surface 2 as the devices around the house. I have the Lumia 1020.”

4. Fans Are Glad That Microsoft Learned From Their Mistakes

Xiara: “Hey Panos, thanks a lot for learning from last year and actually having a global launch for all the products! Good job!”

SurfaceTeam: “Your welcome! Thanks for the constructive comment :-) Panos”

5. Some Users Feel That The Type Cover Is Still Too Expensive

ryanzombie: “Are there any plans for reducing the price of the Type Cover? It’s pretty expensive…”

SurfaceTeam: ” We have, they’re now available for $79.”

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6. Some Users Want A Cap Locks Integrator

samir_samadi: “It would be nice to have a caps lock indicator :) Very good job, really nice tablets ! Congratulations!”

SurfaceTeam: “There is on the new Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2.”

7. The Surface 1 Pens & Chargers Will Work With Surface 2

johndango: “Will the surface 1 pens and chargers still work with the surface 2?”

SurfaceTeam: “I am Yi H. Dev lead from Surface. Yes. They are fully compatible.”

8. Panos Panay Is Very Confident In The Battery Power

AmericanKryptonite: “What kind of battery life will we see with the Surface 2 (not Pro) coupled with a Power Cover?”

SurfaceTeam: “We are extremely confident in 17 hours. generally crazy long.
cool thing too is that the cover charges the device, so you could plug it in, use for a while, and then unplug after it fully charges.”

9. Commenters Want Product Advice On What To Buy

Otha8ric: “Help me buy from you. How can I justify the purchase of a Surface Pro to my wife, if I already have a 1.5-year-old ultrabook running W8, a latest-gen iPad, and a Kindle?”

SurfaceTeam:”Buy it for her! :-) Panos”

10. Microsoft Fans Try To Pitch New Business

jffrank: “A corporate IT here. The nearest Microsoft Store is 2 hours away. But I have a Microsoft Heartland office just a couple miles away. Any chance you could position local Microsoft Evangelists to conduct corporate demos of Surface? Just a suggestion.”

SurfaceTeam: “What an awesome idea! Where are you located? Panos”

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