‘Google in 1998′ Search Shows Search Engine’s First Homepage


Google celebrates its 15th birthday with this easter egg.

Happy birthday Google! In honor of the company’s momentous 15th birthday celebration, typing ‘Google in 1998’ in the search engine will send viewers back in time. The usual Google layout will revert to the first ever homepage created for the search engine. The process is easy and you can quickly jump back to the present. Another interesting surprise is the search terms that appear on the page.

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The web pages lead to links about the company’s history which emphasizes how far Google has come. Beginning on the first page, visitors can see some of the early links describing the company’s primary purpose. Continuing through the list of results, websites for Google’s various divisions appear offering more insight into the colossal conglomerate.

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Sergey Brin & Larry Page have created one of the most memorable tech firms in existence. From Android to Google+, some of the important gadget we own come from this tech titan. Search for this easter egg and explore the early beginnings of a Silicon Valley stalwart.

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