Top 10 New iPhone and iPad Apps of September 2013

The App Store is filled with thousands of apps, but sometimes it can be difficult to find those hot newly released apps. We went through the App Store and found 10 new apps for you to download and check out. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

1. Closer – You Never Know

closer iphone app

Closer is a social networking dating app developed by Evgeniya Kuyda. Closer makes it fun and exciting to meet someone new. Users can ask friends to match them up with someone who is compatible, or they become a matchmaker and introduce friends to one another. You can download Closer from the App Store here.

Top 10 Best iPhone Games of September 2013

Looking for some new games to play on your iPhone? Here are the Top 10 Best iPhone Games of September 2013.

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2. Momently

momently iphone app

Momently is a photography app developed by Virtuaz. With Momently, users can edit existing and captured images. Get creative with 25 fun filters and add the date, time, place, captions, and #cutehashtag. Users can unlock 12 brand new filter options by inviting friends. Users can also save and share all their favorite moments on Facebook. You can download Momently from the App Store here.

Top 10 Best Apps for iPhone 5S

Here are 10 essential apps you’ll need that takes great advantage of the new iOS7 operating system and the great iPhone 5S hardware.

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3. NFL Matchups

nfl matchups live iphone app

NFL Matchups is a football game developed by Mobage. Take to the field and play against the biggest players in the league. Create your own team, train your players, and unlock special skills. Play against others and be promoted. You can download NFL Matchups from the App Store here.

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad Apps of September 2013

Overwhelmed by the App Store? Let us make it easy for you to find the apps you need to download today. Here are the top ten best iPhone and iPad apps of September 2013.

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4. Houzz

houzz iphone app

Houzz is an app that helps users with home improvement, remodeling and design while on the go. Users can browse through over 1,500,000 photos and get tons of interior decorating ideas. Browse photos by room, style and location. Easily create an ideabook and search, save, and share your favorite photos. You can download Houzz from the App Store here.

Top 10 iOS iPhone and iPad App Updates for August 2013

Here’s a look at the top 10 best iPhone and iPad app updates for August 2013.

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5. WinZip

winzip iphone app

WinZip gives users the ability to protect and and share large files on their iPhone and iPad. Unzip file types such as .zip, .zipx, .rar and .7z. Protect Zip files with 128- or 256-bit AES encryption. Save email attachments to My Documents folders and browse your photo album. Share photos with friends and family members on Facebook and Twitter. You can download WinZip from the App Store here.

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6. Thoughtree

thoughtree iphone app

Thoughtree is a simple note-taking app developed by Jude Abeler. Write down and organize new ideas as they come to mind. Keep ideas private for personal reference or share with friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can download Thoughtree from the App Store here.

Top 10 Best Video Sharing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Do you like filming video on your iPhone or iPad and need to share it with your friends or the rest of the world? These 10 video sharing apps should be what you need to satisfy your inner filmmaker.

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7. CastleVille Legends

castleville legends iphone app

CastleVille Legends is a strategy game developed by Zynga. Players must help free the heroes of the land and build a new Kingdom. Explore with your heroes and find rare treasure by visiting ancient ruins. Trade good with friends and players from all around the world. You can download CastleVille Legends from the App Store here.

Top 10 Best Social Networking Dating Apps for iPhone and iPad: These Apps Will Help You Get Lucky!

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8. Shuttersong

shuttersong iphone app

Shuttersong is an app that lets users combine digital images with sound. Add a soundtrack to new or existing photographs by uploading a song from your music library or record a new sound. Capture your kids or create the perfect self with a recorded message. With one tap, users can share images on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. You can download Shuttersong from the App Store here.

Top 10 Best GPS Apps for iPhone and iPad

Here's a list of the top ten best GPS apps for iPhone and iPad.

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9. RealPlayer Cloud

realplayer cloud iphone app

RealPlayer Cloud is a new video app developed by Real Networks, Inc. With RealPlayer Cloud, users can upload videos and watch them on their iPhone, iPad, Windows computer, and on any browser. Easily share videos and post them on YouTube or Facebook. The app supports formats like FLV, WMV, AVI and MP4. You can download RealPlayer Cloud from the App Store here.

Top 10 Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

If the stock clock app on iOS isn't doing the best job to wake you up in the morning, here are 10 alarm clock apps for iPhone that are more effective.

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10. Pod Wrangler

pod wrangler iphone app

Pod Wrangler is a news app developed by Developing Perspective, LLC. Enjoy listening to your favorite shows on your iPhone or iPad. Listen to single episodes of a podcast, import MP3’s, and subscribe up to 5 shows. Pod Wrangler will sync the latest episodes so you can listen to them while on the go. You can download Pod Wrangler from the App Store here.

Top 10 Best Wedding Planning Apps for Android and iPhone

Are you planning your dream wedding? Download these 10 wedding planning apps for Android and iPhone to help alleviate the stress of planning a wedding.

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