WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks People With Scented iPhone

Scentee is an square device that emits flavored scents from a smartphone. The machine puffs out the smell everytime you receive a new email or text. Once Jimmy Kimmel heard about this, he had to try it out.

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On Kimmel’s show last night, he shared this news with the audience. Of course, the comedian had to put Scentee into action. Kimmel was fortunate enough to gain access to it despite how it is only available in Japan. He attached it to a regular iPhone and see how people would react. Most of the unsuspecting strangers were shocked to smell this futuristic phone. Check out the segment above.

WATCH: Japanese Company Invents Smelly Smartphones [VIDEO]

A company invented a new device called Scentee which are cartridges that attach to smartphones and emit fragrant smells matching food found in photos.

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