OS X Mavericks Bugs & Glitches: iMovie Turns Files Red
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OS X Mavericks Bugs & Glitches: iMovie Turns Files Red


iMovie has a peculiar bug found in the new update to OS X Mavericks. (The Verge)

OS X Mavericks is the newest version of Appleā€™s operating system for its computers. The download process has been fairly easy for owners compared to the traumatic iOS 7 roll out. Mavericks has a selection of new features that support performance and the reviews have been stellar. Unfortunately, The Verge may have found the first major bug in the system.

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As part of the unveiling of the gold master, Apple updated the essential programs found in the iLife suite including iMovie. An odd error has flourished within iMovie incorporating a red tint into .mov files. Other extensions seem to be unaffected but the discoloration continues within the preview mode as you can see in the image above. Usually, software like this can contain issues that could induce much more serious harm but expect Apple to fix this quickly. After all, fans would be pretty upset if they bought a new computer with a free offer of the iLife suite only to discover this problem.

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