Apple Unveils OS X Mavericks: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Apple has revealed the final version of OS X Mavericks. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. Power Has Been Improved Greatly

OS X Mavericks has greatly improved battery life. You can get an hour longer battery life from the battery charge as well as an hour and a half longer for iTunes video.

2. Compressed Memory Can Shrink Unused Parts of The Memory

It lets you run more applications and never lets you slow down.

3. Graphics Are Enhanced

OS X Mavericks memory can allocate just a little bit of graphic memory and Mavericks can support high performance functions. Open CL takes compute oriented tasks which increases speed for graphics

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4. The Entire System Has Been Overhauled

The apps and shared links look fantastic and the entire system runs smoothly. It works well for work too. Moving a quote into reports are simple too. Its a simple click and drag to organize systems and content.

5. Website Notifications Are A New Feature

iCloud keychains sync across devices enabling more password protection. Mavericks lets you continuously scroll to read notifications. The calendar app has been boosted as well to provide insight into weather notifications and other info. Multi-touch gestures do well here.

OS X Mavericks Download IS TODAY FOR FREE

Apple has set the final release date and download for OS X Mavericks today for free.

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