Vine Updates iOS & Android Apps With New Editing Features


The iOS & Android app for Vine has received new editing features. (Google Play Store)

The popular six-second video creator Vine has announced two new features for both versions of its app. Vine hasn’t received a reboot like this since July 3rd. The first is called “Sessions” which adds a draft element for users. This lets aspiring filmmakers work on their video more before publishing as well as access other feeds while working on your creation. Viewing other feeds could help inspire artists more since they’ll be watching other visionaries work on their vines.

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The other addition is known as Time Travel. Before today, it was impossible to edit and alter Vines once they were active. This tool lets users go back in time and adjust whatever they need after a video has been published. Also, you can remove and reorganize shots to let your mini-movie play out more smoothly. To access Time Travel, tap the green bar and then push edit when previewing a post. Vine has 13 million users and these new tools are sure to guarantee they gain more. The updates are now active on both apps.

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