Target’s Best Black Friday 2013 Sales: Top 10 Deals

Target is the place to be this Black Friday. Check out the 10 Best Deals Worth Fighting the Crowds.

1. Target’s iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB – $479 (With $100 Target Gift Card)

The hottest gift at the season at a reduced price, but with a Targé gift card, now that’s a deal.

2. iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi, $299 – $75 = $225 (in Target Gift Card)

Screen-shot-2013-11-14-at-4.35.31-PM’s Pre-Black Friday 2013: Top 10 Deals & Sales

Avoid the crowds, save the money, and enjoy Thanksgiving and the day after with your family.

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3. Target’s $80 Nook HD


4. Target’s — Samsung, 40 inch, 1080P, $397

$397 isn’t the cheapest 1080P television you can buy, but from Samsung, it’s absolutely worth it. The picture quality, consistency, and how long this television will last are well worth cheaping out for an off-brand. This is a great deal.
2 Target Samsun 40 1080P 397d

**Editor’s Note: We are no longer recommending the following item after reading that these TVs are often lemons.**

5. Target — Element, 50 inch, 1080P, $229

Amazing amount of screen for the money, this is the perfect TV to buy the kids.

6. Target’s $179 iPhone 5s — With $30 Gift Card


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7. Target’s $49 Galaxy S4


8. Target’s Nikon L-320 Camera Doorbuster – $99

This is a ton of camera for $99. 16 megapixel sensor? That’s hugely detail. The zoom is powerful, and it’s from a great brand. If you’re trying to snag a camera, even a back-up camera, this is an easy choice.

9. Target’s RCA 9″ Dual Screen Portable DVD Player – $99

Two screens, and a great way to keep the kids cool (or your friends in the backseat), this is just too cheap. Amazing.

10. Target’s – Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle (With Copies of Kinect Sports Season Two and Kinect Adventures) – $190

Movement-based games are fun for the whole family, this is a reasonable price for a great product. Slow down on that Xbox one, wait a year and it’ll be significantly cheaper!
Black Friday 2013 Xbox 360

Target’s amazing bundle comes with a Kinect and two Kinect-compatible games.

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