Top 5 Things to Expect at CES 2014

CES 2014 is about to make a massive technological splash in Sin City, from January 7th through 10th. Here are 10 Things You Can Expect from the show from a hodgepodge of different sources.

1. Samsung Galaxy S5

Other rumors include a new Samsung phone called the Galaxy Round.  Some pundits have toted the benefits of round displays and Samsung has already made devices with this technology.

Other rumors include a new Samsung phone called the Galaxy Round. Some pundits have toted the benefits of round displays and Samsung has already made devices with this technology.

TechRadar reports that the Galaxy S5 may be released early due to sluggish sales of the S4.

The International Business times said, “Galaxy S5 killer specs and features have continued to flood the Internet before the New Year with the latest update to an almost unbelievable 4 GB of RAM and an enhanced Exynos processor.”

It looks like an S5 with enhanced specs seems like a likelihood for this years CES, but there is a possibility the new handset may be released at a later event called the Mobile World Congress in late February.

More specifics include the following from

Thus far, rumors point to a 5.2-inch QHD display, a 16MP camera with Auto Focus, Android 4.4 KitKat which is Google’s latest Android update, two possible designs including a metal design and a plastic design, 3GB of RAM or more, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and a launch date that could take place at Mobile World Congress in late February ahead of a release in March or April.

TechRadar also indicated that the device may have a 2k screen, with about 2x as many pixels as the S4’s current 1080P display.

2. 3D Printing on The Rise

TechRadar reports that the 3D printing area of CES is sold-out, indicating that there’s plenty interesting 3D printing devices to expect.

Mashable says that the biggest problems addressing 3-D printing now are difficulty creating 3D scans of objects, and the price of the price of printers.

The CEO of MakerBot, Bre Pettis, will give a speech at the CES invite-only event known as the Leaders in Technology (LIT) dinner.

The CEO of the consumer electronics association, Gary Shapiro, said that CES will “20,000 new products will launch at CES 2014, which will boast more than 3,200 exhibitors,” adding that the 3-D Printing zone is officially sold-out and will complement other areas such as motion tech and robotics, reports CNET.

3. Wearables

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Wearables are the revolution of small objects that people can wear including smart watches and fitness-tracking bracelets. reports that the Neptune Pine will be on display, which we previously covered here.

TechRadar says that the “Digital Fitness Area,” where fitness bracelets and the like are kept, has expanded some 30% this year. Further, they report:

The Sony SmartWatch 2, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Qualcomm Toq have joined the fancy watch scene. With rumors of the Google watch and Apple’s iWatch hot on their heels, we definitely expect to see more smartwatches pop up during the show.

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