Top 10 Best iPhone Games of January 2014

Are you looking for new games to download for your iPhone? Here’s a list of our favorite iPhone games of January 2014.

1. Flappy Bird

flappy bird iphone app

Flappy Bird is a retro-style game developed by Dong Nguyen. Simply tap the screen and flap your wings. Just make sure to avoid pipes, otherwise you will need to start over. If you get past the pipes, see if you can earn 4 medals: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. While the game seems simple it can be challenge to earn those gold medals. See how far you can fly in Flappy Bird. You can download Flappy Bird from the App Store here.

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2. Motocross Meltdown

motorcross meltdown iphone app

Motocross Meltdown is an action game developed by Glu Games Inc. Create your own rider and challenge opponents in single player events or online. You can even compete against with the pros like Wes Agee and Josh Hansen. Customize the look of your bike, upgrade your skills, and learn new jumps and tricks. The graphics in Motocross Meltdown are absolutely stunning. You can download Motocross Meltdown from the App Store here.

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3. Where’s My Mickey?

where's my mickey iphone app

Where’s My Mickey? is a puzzle game developed by Disney. Kids join Mickey Mouse and friends on their latest adventure. Help Mickey collect water in order to complete each story. Remember, every drop counts. Watch Mickey Cartoons and new levels are available. If your kids loved Where’s My Perry and Where’s My Water? they will love the fun-filled animation in Where’s My Mickey? You can download Where’s My Mickey? from the App Store here.

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4. 100 Pics Quiz

100 pics quiz iphone app

100 Pics Quiz is a picture quiz game developed by 100 Pics. In 100 Pics Quiz, you will need to guess the picture. Select letters to fill in the blank tiles. If you guess the right answer, you will be rewarded with coins. The game includes free game packs like and new game packs are added every week. You can download 100 Pics Quiz from the App Store here.

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5. Age of Warring Empire

age of warring empire iphone app

Age of Warring Empire is a strategy game developed by Silent Battle. In this game, you will need to build an empire and lead troops into battle. Combat gameplay provides a fun and addicting experience for players. Find new ways to wage war and become the most powerful leader the world has ever seen. You can download Age of Warring Empire from the App Store here.

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