Android Wear: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Android Wear is a new operating system for smartwatches, created by Google. Here’s what we know about this cool new development.

1. Android Wear Has Cool Fitness Features

The video above shows even more ways you can use Android Wear.

For now, details are scarce about Android Wear. The Verge notes that Android fans can expect to hear a lot more about Android Wear’s capabilities this summer. The Verge writes:

“Google isn’t offering specific details on when we can expect to see more about Android Wear — or what other devices will use the system in the future — but a preview of the operating system is available now so that developers can make sure their app notifications will work with Wear.

We expect to hear much, much more about Android Wear at Google I/O from June 25th to 26th, which is just a couple of months away.”

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