iPhone 6 Phablet Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The upcoming iPhone 6 is rumored to be available in a larger, “phablet” size. Here’s what you need to know about these compelling rumors.

1. iPhone 6 May Come In ‘Phablet’ Size

The definition of “phablet” varies from person to person, but a phablet is generally considered to be a larger-sized smartphone, but smaller than a tablet. One study defines a phablet as any device between five and seven inches, a guideline that Wikipedia also supports. However, Juniper Research defines a phablet as a phone with a screen size of at least 5.6 inches.

The iPhone 6 phablet is rumored to have a screen size of 5.7 inches, according to BGR. However, other outlets like Business Insider say the screen size will be 5.6 inches.

2. iPhone 6 Offered in 2 Sizes, According to Some

While Apple generally doesn’t segment their new phones into various size options, there have been some rumors that the iPhone 6 will come in two sizes. In addition to the phablet-sized offering, a smaller phone of around 4.7 inches will be offered as well.

It is not yet clear what the price difference will be between these two iPhone 6 models.

3. iPhone 6 Phablet May Not Be an iPhone

BGR reports that there is a chance the iPhone 6 phablet won’t actually be sold under the iPhone name. They explain, citing information from an Asian publication:

“The larger 5.6-inch iOS smartphone will be an ‘experimental’ device that won’t come with iPhone branding — a dubious claim considering the popularity of the iPhone brand. The publication does not offer an alternative name for the 5.6-inch iPhablet, and it doesn’t mention when it might launch, but says that the bigger smartphone will come with sapphire glass.”

4. iPhone 6 Phablet Might Look More Like iPhone 5c Than 5s

The video above describes some of Apple’s issues with the iPhone 5c.

MacRumors, citing a Japanese publication, states that the iPhone 6 phablet might have more in common with the cheaper iPhone 5c than the premium iPhone 5s. This might result in a lower price point that could lure in Android phablet fans. It is also possible that the iPhone 6 phablet model will come in a variety of bright colors.

5. Flat or Curved Screen Both Possible

The video above discusses the possibility of a curved screen display on the next iPhone.

While most people assume that the iPhone 6 phablet will have a flat screen, there were some rumors about the device having a curved screen instead. MacRumors reported last year that curved glass iPhone 6 models would be available in 5.5 inch and 4.7 inch models. While the curved glass display rumors have died down a bit in recent months, anything is still possible.

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