Top 5 Best Canon Fisheye Lenses

Fisheye photography is a specialized creative photography more apt to appeal to serious enthusiasts than dabbling amateurs. There are two types of fisheye lenses: circular and diagonal. A diagonal fisheye lens fills the whole frame while a circular lens creates a rounded image in-camera. You can buy fisheye attachments for considerably less than a dedicated lens, but if you really want to push your creative photography to the max, the attachments don’t cut it. Here are our top choices for fisheye lens compatible with a Canon camera body.

Canon 8–15mm f4L EF

This is generally seen as the best of Canon’s higher-end professional fisheye lenses built for full-frame cameras. With a wide zoom range, it’s one of the most versatile fisheyes in Canon’s lineup.

• Super sharp, crisp imaging
• Autofocus is very fast, even in low light situations
• Weather-sealed
• Solid, smooth zoom and focus rings
• Can produce both circular and diagonal fisheye images

• Heavier than competitors
• Lens cover does not lock into place
• Small chromatic aberration (colored halos around subjects if background light is different from subject light)

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Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 FE8M–C

This is one of the least expensive fisheyes you can buy compatible with your Canon DSLR. Imaging isn’t top-notch, but this Rokinon packs a punch for the price.

• Compatible with both full-frame and crop sensor bodies
• Very minimal lens flare
• Focus ring is smooth and has rubber grip for ease of use
• Sturdy, durable design

• Hood shows up in image when using with full-frame (can cut off hood)
• Manual focus only
• Chromatic aberrations common

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Canon 15mm f/2.8 EF

Introduced in 1987, there’s a reason this Canon fisheye has stood the test of time. One of Canon’s higher-end fisheye lenses, it’s for use only with full-frame cameras.

• Incredibly crisp optics, never any flare in the corners of the image
• Largest front element of any 15mm or 16mm fisheye lens on the market
• Stops down to f/22
• Hard infinity focus (great for shooting night skies)
• Fast autofocus
• Lightweight, easy to travel with

• Using it with a 1.3x or 1.6x Canon format camera will result in a partial fisheye effect
• No lens hood
• Have to toggle switch between auto and manual settings
• No image stabilization

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Sigma 8mm f/3.5 EX DG

This Sigma full-frame circular fisheye lens is the widest circular fisheye with autofocus available on the market. It is not compatible with crop sensor cameras.

Sturdy, durable design
• Close-focusing capability (up to 5.1 inches)
• Spring-loaded filter holder for drop-in gels
• Sharp images with minimal lens flare

• No silent autofocus mode
• No full-time manual focus override
• No image stabilization
• Autofocus can be slow, especially in low light situations

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Belomo Peleng 8mm f/3.5 MS

This Peleng fisheye delivers dramatic fisheye effects with minimal lens flare. If you’re looking for serious effects and aren’t bothered about using the lens for non-fisheye photography, this could be your best bet.

• On the less expensive end of the fisheye spectrum
• Sturdy, durable metal construction
• Control rings move smoothly

• No autofocus—no electronic mechanics at all (including no electronic aperture control)
• Lens cap doesn’t always stay on
• Some chromatic aberration around edge

Buy it here

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