Top 10 Best iPhone 5 Cases

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Looking for the best iPhone 5 case to protect your device? These are the best iPhone 5 cases money can buy. NOTE: Many of these cases will also fit an iPhone 5s.

1. Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 Case

Check out all of the colors this cute iPhone case is available in, and learn more about the case in the video above.

If you love Hello Kitty, this cutesy, minimalist case captures what makes this cartoon cat so charming. The “bow” on the head is placed around the camera lens, giving this case a memorable look.

Buy it here.


  • Made from impact-absorbing silicone
  • Covers power and volume buttons keep your buttons dust free
  • Multiple color options
  • Feels soft in your hand
  • Perfect way to express your love of Hello Kitty

  • Cons:

  • May not fit comfortably in your pocket
  • Likely to see color fading over time
  • Exterior prone to capturing dust particles
  • Design is too cutesy for some
  • Does not offer waterproofing

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    Top 5 Best Cute iPhone Cases

    Cute iPhone cases can really help show off your personality.

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