Top 5 Best Canon Macro Lens

Macro photography is intensely close-up photography most commonly invoked by nature photographers. Good macro lenses can double as portrait lenses because of their fast aperture, resulting in stunning shallow depth of field. While macro photography used to perform much better on full-frame cameras, crop sensor macro lenses have vastly improved in recent years. Here are our top choices for macro lenses compatible with Canon cameras.

Canon 60mm EF–S f/2.8 USM

This macro lens is a great introductory lens if you’re just foraying into macro photography. It’s only compatible with a crop-sensor camera, but with an aperture of 2.8 it’s a good portrait lens as well.

• Fast Ultrasonic Motor autofocus function
• Small and lightweight compared to other macro lenses
• Sturdy, durable design
• Internal focusing function so length of lens doesn’t change
• No visible chromatic aberrations

• No image stabilization
• Doesn’t perform well in low light
• Need tripod for macro video work

Buy it here

Canon MP–E65 f/2.8

This macros lens is the premiere model compatible with a Canon if you’re looking to go past a 1:1 magnification ratio.

• Compatible on both full frame and crop sensor bodies
• Can deliver images up to 5x actual size of subject
• Good color rendering
• Very sharp image quality

• No autofocus function (manual focusing only)
• No anti-shake function
• Doesn’t always perform well in low light situations

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Sigma 180mm f/3.5 EX HSM

This macro is part of Canon’s L-series lineup, high-end lenses for serious photographers that deliver stunning images and reliable, durable performance.

• Compatible with both crop-sensor and full-frame bodies
• Canon’s first hybrid image stabilization system reduces lens shift and angular motion
• Lens hood included
• Anti-shake
• Weather-sealed

• More expensive end of Canon macro line-up
• Lens hood is loose
• Heavier than other macro lenses

Buy it here

Tamron 60mm f/2.0 DI II

Another lens capable of true 1:1 magnification, this Tamron macro was the first lens manufactured for crop-sensor bodies with an aperture fast enough to capture truly shallow depth of field portrait images.

• Internal focusing mechanism—constant lens length (great for nature photography)
• Sturdy, durable design
• Can operate manual focus while in Autofocus mode

• Rubberized focus ring is a bit difficult to turn
• No image stabilization
• Autofocus doesn’t function well on Canon D-line bodies

Buy it here


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