Top 5 Best Third Party Camera Batteries

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Figuring out how to keep your camera charged could be one of the trickiest media management quandaries you have to tackle as a photographer. Canon DSLR cameras use primarily rechargeable models LP–E, while Nikons use EN–EL. Even a beginner camera enthusiast should know that genuine Canon or Nikon batteries tend to last longer than any third party camera battery, though brand-name camera batteries can be a very expensive replacement or supplement to your camera kit.

Depending on your budget and needs, buying a third-party battery could be the right decision for you. Just be sure to check the specific battery requirements for your camera before purchasing, and cross check that the model you have selected is a match. Here are our top 5 best third party camera battery brands.

1. Hahnel

• Weather and shockproof for performance even in extreme situations
• Roughly one-third the cost of on-brand batteries
• 600-shot capacity with heavy LCD use

• Doesn’t hold charge as long as on-brand batteries
• Can take longer to charge than on-brand batteries

Buy Hahnel replacement batteries for Nikon here

2. Watson

• Mili-amp-hour rating (mAh) is actually higher than for on-brand batteries
Approximately one-third cost of on-brand names
• Communicates with camera to show live charge

• Only one-year warranty on battery
• Not compatible with all video functions

Buy Watson replacement battery for Nikon here

3. Duracell

Easy to find no matter where in world you need it
• Warranties guarantee a significant time period of functionality
• Roughly one-third the cost of brand-name batteries

• Only lasts for roughly 300 shots (on Canon)
• Not always compatible with brand-name battery chargers

Buy Duracell replacement Canon battery here

4. SterlingTek

Very inexpensive—up to one-sixth cost of on-brand camera battery
• Nearly same charge time and battery life as on-brand batteries
• Made with Japanese battery cells

• Lack of circuitry, tends to die without much warning
• Does not come with plastic storage cover
• Only one-year warranty on product

Buy SterlingTek replacement batteries for Canon here

5. Digipower

• Can charge in on-brand battery charger
• Nearly same battery life as on-brand batteries
• Very inexpensive (up to one-sixth the price of on-brand battery)

• Takes longer to charge than on-brand battery
• Doesn’t always communicate with camera (can’t always see how charged it is)

Buy Digipower replacement battery for Canon here

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  1. Waste of time- the best batteries when the only makes given are chosen- if you only looked at 5 makes then they ARE the best 5 makes by default. What about other makes? List the makes you looked at that don’t fall into your ‘best’ category- IF you looked at any others?