Slingshot vs. Snapchat: What’s the Best Messaging App?

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Facebook has launched a new app called Slingshot. Somewhat similar to Snapchat (which Facebook attempted to buy earlier this year for several billion dollars), Slingshot provides users with a way to send selfies that self-destruct. Is Slingshot a mere Snapchat clone, or does Facebook’s new app offer something fresh? Here’s a rundown of how Snapchat and Slingshot are similar, as well as how these two apps contrast.

1. Slingshot vs. Snapchat: Basic Features

The video above offers a glimpse at the “hidden features” of Snapchat.

Slingshot and Snapchat have somewhat different abilities when it comes to sharing your photos and videos with friends.

The Verge writes:

“Slingshot does let you send a shot to just one person, but the app doesn’t really encourage it. Slingshot’s killer feature is its Select All button, a button Snapchat diehards have begged for that lets you send a photo to all of your friends at once. Snapchat has been adamant about leaving out the much-requested feature, and for a good reason. If you give users the ability to select all, they’ll do it all the time, which potentially lessens the importance of every push notification you get. In my experience testing Slingshot this past weekend, I’ve received a ton of notifications. Facebook tells me that in their testing of the app in a much larger group, they might receive dozens of Slingshot notifications per hour.”

In other words, Slingshot is the perfect app for people who want to quickly send an update to all their friends…though people on the receiving end may not be as excited by multiple push notifications each hour.

UPDATE: Not to be outdone, Snapchat has just introduced a feature that lets people at the same event contribute Snaps to the same Story.

5. Slingshot vs. Snapchat: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an app that makes it easy to send mass updates to your entire contacts list, or looking for an app that can “force” your friends to chat back at you, it seems likely that Slingshot will appeal to you more than Snapchat will…assuming that all your friends adopt the Slingshot app right away. Given the lackluster reception of other Facebook apps like Poke and Paper, it’s possible Slingshot might wither on the vine.

Forbes notes that Facebook may have created an app with similar features to Snapchat, but that doesn’t guarantee Slingshot can develop a user base that rivals the already-established Snapchat.

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