The Best Xbox 360 & Xbox One Apps
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The Best Xbox 360 & Xbox One Apps



IGN is one of the, if not THE most well known and respected name in video games/entertainment journalism. Its video app on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One comes with everything you loved watching on the site itself – reviews, previews, podcasts, event coverage and more.



And right next to IGN comes GameSpot, another popular name that means everything and anything to gamers. You can expect to watch all the awesome programming that you’ve gotten so used to watching through Gamespot’s website YouTube channel. If you love IGN, GameTrailers and Machinima, then you should make some room in your heart (and hard drive) for the GameSpot app.



FIGHT FANS! IT’S TIME! UFC’s video streaming app is great for a number of reason – free fights, PPV streams, fun surveys and betting games, exclusive interviews, documentaries etc. MMA fans should…no, NEED to make sure they have the UFC app ready for consumption through their Xbox console.

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For the more musically inclines Xbox console owners out there, the Vevo music video app is something you’ll come to cherish. There’s a wide variety of musical genres, artists and videos to mellow out and dance to. You want to make sure your next party is popping but you don’t have the dough for a DJ? Sign in to your Vevo account on you console, start playing your playlist and keep the party rocking!


Revision 3

Revision3 is another one of those great websites/YouTube channels that’s full of great shows that cover a bunch of interesting topics. There’s video games reviews and casual conversation to watch. Plus it has those weird yet interesting factual videos that will make you all the wise for watching. Rev3 has some great video material that you need to catch up on while they’re still growing.


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