Top 5 Best Amazon Fire Phone Games
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Top 5 Best Amazon Fire Phone Games

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With unique 3D screen capabilities, the Amazon Fire Phone is particularly appealing to gamers. These games make the most of the Fire Phone’s unique specs.

1. To-Fu Fury

Check out the official To-Fu Fury release trailer above.

The Verge specifically mentions To-Fu Fury in their review of the Fire Phone, calling the game “an awesomely immersive experience…making you feel like you’re actually inside a level.”

In To-Fu Fury, you play as a block of Tofu on a rescue mission. To-Fu Fury is a sequel to the iOS game To-Fu: The Trials of Chi.

To-Fu Fury is an Amazon Fire Phone exclusive, so you can enjoy lording your new game over the rest of your friends. Calling To-Fu Fury the Fire Phone’s “killer app” might be a step too far, but it is definitely one of the highlights of Fire Phone ownership.

Buy it here.


  • Cool use of dynamic perspective
  • Nice graphics
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Exclusive to the Fire Phone
  • You don’t need to have played the original to understand what’s going on


  • Not free to download
  • Some gamers wish dynamic perspective was more integral to the game
  • Game is basically just a simple platformer
  • New style of controls can take a little getting used to
  • Game feels a little short

2. Rubik’s Cube

Learn more about this app in the video above.

Rubik’s Cube, developed by Magmic, lets you solve a Rubik’s Cube in a way that only the Fire Phone can do. You can move the cube with your hands, or move your eyes to see the other sides of the cube. If you want to pause the game, you only have to look away. If you love classic puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube, this may be the most fun version of the classic puzzle available on mobile.

Buy it here.


  • Nice blend of eye and hand controls
  • Fast download
  • The only mobile Rubik’s Cube approved by Erno Rubik
  • Challenges your brain
  • Fun for all ages


  • Not a free title
  • Game is kind of simple
  • Controls may be hard to master at first
  • Game may be boring to some
  • Puzzling may be too challenging for others

3. Saber’s Edge

Check out the official launch trailer for this game above.

Set in a steampunk universe filled with cloud cities, Saber’s Edge is a strategic match-3 puzzler. Another game that is only available on the Fire Phone, Saber’s Edge brings a new dimension to traditional match-3 gameplay. In other words, this game might just replace Candy Crush as your matching game of choice.

Buy it here.


  • Free
  • Exclusive to the Fire Phone
  • Addictive match-3 gameplay
  • Involves a good blend of strategy and tactics
  • Peek around corners using dynamic perspective


  • IAP may not appeal to all users
  • This game requires an internet connection to play
  • As a brand new game on a brand new phone, expect a couple of glitches
  • Takes a while to download
  • Requires multiple permissions

4. Snow Spin

Check out the trailer for this game in the video above.

Singled out in Business Insider‘s review of the Fire Phone, Snow Spin is a cute game set in a winter wonderland. You must snowboard across this vast expanse, collecting broken parts of your plane. You can rebuild your plane and escape, but only with a lot of skill and determination. This game is fast-paced and fun, especially on the Fire Phone.

Buy it here.


  • 50 Levels to unlock
  • Offers Bluetooth controller support
  • Plenty of unlockables to conquer
  • Boost your score with slow-motion ‘crash time’
  • Gameplay is fast-paced


  • Can be a bit challenging for younger players
  • Requires a lot of permissions on your device
  • Offers IAP
  • Controls may be tricky to adjust to if you are used to playing on a non-3D device
  • 50 levels may not be enough to satisfy some players

5. Planet Puzzles

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(Amazon Game Studios)

In their review of the Fire Phone, Gizmodo had some tough words for the Fire Phone’s use of dynamic perspective, but some nice things to say about Planet Puzzles in particular:

“The technique is used to greater effect in some of the games that support it. It’s at its best in games like Planet Puzzles, in which you rotate 3D Rubiks Cube-esque puzzle cuboids to see and interact with their different sides.”

If you’re looking for a new twist on puzzle cubes, this creative game lets you bring a barren world back to life. This aspect of the game makes it more addictive than other puzzles.

Buy it here.


  • Daily challenges where you can earn daily badges from unique puzzles
  • Has hints for if you get stuck
  • Free
  • Incredibly tactile
  • Natural head and eye movements make for a compelling control scheme


  • Download can take over five minutes
  • Won’t appeal to people who hate puzzle games
  • 30 levels may not be enough for some
  • Game prevents processor from sleeping or screen from dimming, could drain battery
  • May be too difficult for players looking for a very casual experience

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